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During the course of the lease, the tenant will only have our contact numbers and will have no access to contact you direct.


Management Services Include:


  • Move In Walk Through and Inspection Checklist

  • Semi-Annual Inspections with home condition reports

  • Fire Testing with Signed waivers as per Ontario Fire Code (OFC)

  • Collection of Post Dated Cheques 

  • Rent collection and deposit

  • Daily maintenance

  • Emergency repairs and renovations when necessary

  • Yearly rent increases and renewals

  • Handling all daily tenancy issues/concerns

  • Filing and serving of all proper eviction notices and paperwork leading up to tribunal, when required.


We also have access to on-call cleaners and contractors, at reduced prices, since we use the same companies for majority of our properties. Most importantly, we always ensure that the tenancy runs according to the landlord-tenant act of Ontario and ensure that your best interests are always protected.


Additionally, you will be able to view the ongoing course of management via the online portal on website (secure login required) where you can view details of your property, lease copies, utility account files for tenant, pre inspection checklist, photos, notes of tenant contact (log of conversations), fire alarm testing waivers, ongoing/completed work orders, maintenance issues, outstanding and collected rent, etc.


All rentals are done through RE/MAX REALTY SPECIALISTS via a licensed agent.

Our upmost concern is to provide A++ tenants for your home, use comprehensive lease agreements to ensure you are fully protected and leasing services include the following: 

  • Colour Photos 

  • Custom Lease Schedule to cover all legal aspects of the transaction

  • Collect first and last months security deposit in a certified cheque

  • Thorough tenant screening of employment, credit, past landlord references, personal references, ID verification. 

  • Rental will be marketed on the Toronto Real Estate Board with full photos,, private websites, our real estate website which receives over 10,000 hits per month, kijiji, craigslist. Additionally, since we have many properties we manage, we also have access to a substantial pool of prospective tenants waiting for certain types of properties to come up, which creates a quicker occupancy/reduced vacancy period.




  • Single Family Residential: $100+hst/per Month, flat fee. Tax-deductible

  • Multiresidential & Commercial: Vary Based on Size, Discounted rates apply. Contact for Quote



  • One Month Rent + HST, Tax-deductible. 

  • Discount: If we provide the tenant for you, you will receive a discounted rental rate of 3/4 Month Rent + HST. Tax-deductible.


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